I grew up in Warwickshire and spent much of my early life wandering in its woods and fields. A passionate lover of wildlife, I have drawn and painted birds and wildlife for as long as I can remember. I sketch from life and make more finished works in watercolour and pencil in the studio. I also make linocuts.


My prints are sold in National Trust shops and I often paint 'live' at National Trust houses and gardens where I very much enjoy meeting with the public and chatting about my work, and about art, birds and the wider natural world.


My work is often licensed for commercial use and is published in calendars and greetings cards. I have recently helped to illustrate a book on exotic chickens.


I try to avoid sentimentality but am happy to acknowledge my own emotional response to the natural world. The sorry plight of so many species and the impending extinction crisis are increasingly concerns. I am exploring ways to do more as an artist to help.

I travel widely in Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa and carry a sketchbook wherever I go.

For many years I have owned and run the Right Angle Gallery in Brackley, Northamptonshire, with my wife Val.